HS339 High Security Middle Check with Signature Line

    Blank MICR middle check with signature line for CS Professional Suite users. Use with Vendor, Payroll and AP. Perforated into 3 equal panels. Printed on high security paper. Security features include a true watermark, toner adhesion and chemical reactivity.
    Matching envelopes:
    44-005  Regular seal envelope
    40-338  Self-seal envelope
    40-224 Large self-seal envelope
SKU: HS339

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    Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
    Weight: 25#
    Perforated into 3 equal parts
    Paper Security Features:
    True Watermark
    Visible Security Fibers in paper
    Toner Adhesion
    UV Dull Paper
    Chemically Sensitive Paper
    Backer Warning Box